RCD Display

for Engine Management Systems

The RCD Display was developed to meet the specific needs of racing vehicles and their pilots.

The dashboard is able to communicate with the engine controller unit, to request and receive data as well as to directly handle the signals of sensors.


Compatiable with the following ECU:

DTA S40 PRO, S60 PRO, S80 PRO, S100 PRO
Link G4, G4+
MoTeC if compatible with CRC32, or MoTeC M4
Vi-PEC iVTS and VTS (version 10000 or later)
ECUs with AIM serial protocol


Aluminum enclosure
Display 5.7 “320 x 240 pixel
Programmable LED rpm bar
External keyboard panel
Communication: CAN, RS232
User defined alarm limits
Programmable individual sensor characteristics


2 “K” type thermocouple
6 analog 0-15V
5 digital inputs (keyboard)
4 general digital inputs
1 Phototransistor
1 RS232


Download the User Manual


Files for firmware updates

Download the MM-BootLoader.exe file

Download the Mechatromotive_RCD.sc file

Download the Mechatromotive_RCD.lrc file

Firmware versions (*.hex files)

191125MM_ECUset1  – Air Temperature on Warmup window
191125MM_ECUset2 – Air Temperature on Warmup window
191115MM_ECUset1  – bug fix
191115MM_ECUset2  – bug fix
171004MM_ECUset1  – for usage with ECUs other than ECUMASTER, VEMS update, MoTeC M4 update
170823MM_ECUset2  – for usage with ECUMASTER
170314MM – RPM dependent low oil pressure alarm added
170228MM – Min/Max screen added
160321MM – Link update
150909MM – Syvecs update
150513MM – For MoTeC M4, VEMS and every AIM serial protocol-compatible ECU
141104MM – For Syvecs ECU
140804MM – Firmware update
Hungary 4B Kft.
Spain GMC Sport
Portugal GMC Sport
Slovakia Alexander Baffy
Austria Dutter Racing
Australia Auto Sport Electronics
 Qatar Atuning racing
 Israel Sparco
 Lithuania EAMV Motorsport
 Sweden AG:s i Norrköping
Finland Sporttiauto
Taiwan JRC Motorsports