Long rail welding system

Technológiai fejlesztés

MechatroMotive plays an active role in the field of automatization. Our complex platform – the C.O.R.E. – debuted in the beginning of 2015 on one of the MÁV’s  (Hungarian Railways’) system.

The C.O.R.E. Platform is a universal framework that is easy-to-adapt to the customer’s need. It consists two main units: a PC software and a measuring-controlling unit.

The system’s main advantages are the ready-to use components that allow the fast and easy integration of the user-specific items.

The project included the modernization of an ESAB long rail welding machine and a flatness measurement machine and the development of a production control

The trouble-free operation of the machines is critical as they satisfy Hungary’s whole need of long rail. As the welding machine was manufactured in the ‘90s, many parts become difficult to obtain or irreplaceable. These issues risked the productivity of the factory and the quality of the welded rails, so the development was essential. The machine welds the 21-24 m long pieces to 120-126 m long rails.

Since the 90s, the machine became obsolete, and now many parts are no more available on the market. These issues not only risked the productivity but also the quality of the welded rails. The improvements were indispensable.