MOVEO electric scooter

Vezérlő kijelző és kommunikációs modul

 The conception

A light-weight electric scooter should become an everyday commodity by its flexibility, its simple storage, security, comfort, aesthetics or its ease of recharging. It is easy to use; it operates silently, with minimum energy consumption and does not pollute the environment directly.

A young creative team of mechanical, electrical and transportation engineers and over 10 years of vehicle development experience is the basis of Moveo scooters .


MechatroMotive Ltd. and MOVEO collaboration

MechatroMotive Ltd. was responsible for  communication control unit and display. It uses CAN protocol system. The display of MOVEO has an user-friendly look any very easy to use it.

Furthermore we created an Android application that communicates via bluetooth. It is able to record and monitoring data. The password-protected application also provides anti-theft technology.


  • Foldable: you can fold within 2 minutes to a suitcase sized luggage,that you can pull along on its wheels.
  • Light weight: carbon composite monocoque body and advanced components make it the lightest vehicle in its category
  • Dirt free: the wheels get completely covered to protect you from dirt.
  • Riding experience: two wheel drive gives you safety, extraordinary driving experience and comfort.
  • Adjustable seat: the seat with padded backrest can be adjusted horizontally to provide comfortable position for different size drivers.
  • LED lights: low consumption LED lights ensure vision and visibility.
  • Low running cost: due to low consumtion and the maintanance free electric motors, you can drive 100km (62miles) for the cost of € 0.3 ($ 0,4).


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