MM-Diesel Train Diagnostic Project

Complex industrial measurement, data acquisition system for testbed

The main purpose of measuring system is continuously collecting, displaying, logging and monitoring parameters of high performance diesel engines.

More than 100 operating parameters (rpm, pressure, temperature, airflow, etc) are simultaneous processing.

During the design of the system robustness was the decisive criterion. Every device must withstand great environmental impact.

Main information

230VAC power supply
Internal voltage 24VDC
20 minute running time with UPS
The measurement equipment is fully isolated


Industrial pressure transmitters with 4-20mA output
“K” type thermocouple
PT100 type RTDs
Intelligent air velocity measuring device
Inductive sensors for measuring rpm, up to 5kHz


Through the RS232 port data request from 3rd Party Devices
USB connection between the PC and measuring system
RS485 connection between the measuring system components

Data processing

Synchronized data is collected every second
Defining alert values ​​for each parameter