A világ legnagyobb távirányítású autója

In 2014, the company was established with the aim of producing such model cars that the world has never seen before. As a result, the name of the Mechatromotive joins the greatest RC car (radio controlled) on the world. The size of the model with its 170 kilogrammes is one third of an original car and technically a full copy of that one without seats.

Controlling of the car couldn’t be managed in this size by standard factory solutions, therefore the company started its own development. It was considered essential regarding the development that the system would be able to collect data of different sensors and intervene during the usage (e.g. traction control, ABS).

The model car acts on the same way like real ones, on the other hand, controlling of the car totally ensures special experience.

The MechatroMotive participated in the development and supported young team of the MammutWorks with solving of unique technical problems.