Amber One the hungarian supercar

Egyedi fejlesztésű elektromos sportautó


Amber One provides the performance of a modern sports car, driving it is a unique experience due to the fact that it is electrically driven.  The prototype debuted in March 2016 at Auto, Motor & Tuning Show (AMTS), held at Budapest. It was presented during the exhibition called: Hungarians in automotive industry. The car was exhibited without its body parts installed, so every detail of its structure was visible. The visitors could examine the impressive structure, which was designed and built in a record time of only one year.


Electrical drive is provided by four wheel hub motors that produce 402 hp all together. This can be complemented by a 0.3-liter internal combustion Wankel engine, with 27 hp used as generator, which ensures an impressive range of 600 kilometres. The Lithium-ion battery pack, with 14 kWh capacity can be charged up to 90% in just 25 minutes, another 20 minutes is necessary to reach 100% charge.

Framework of Amber One consists of a carbon-fibre composite skin made of pre-preg technology. The weight of the exhibited prototype is only 910 kg, but it won’t be more than 1150 kg after equipping the external body and the device for increasing the effective range. This can be considered a low weight even among everyday cars. Another interesting feature: the acceleration. Amber one accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. Top speed is 200 km/h.


Mechatromotive participated from the early beginning in the whole project. We took part in the concept creation and system design and implementation. Apart from main parts of the car, our engineers worked on developing data collection and control devices. Moreover, it was a goal to create such a driving environment that can totally satisfy the demands of a custom developed sports car. To fulfil this goal Amber One is equipped with two specially designed dashboards. While main data for driving can be followed on the display behind the steering wheel, detailed data evaluation, other comfort functions (e.g. rear view camera, consumption statistics, map etc.) are available via a tablet with applications placed on the center console.


Technical data

Number of wheel hub motors: 4
Power : 300 kw (402 hp)
Maximum torque: 4000 Nm
Length/Width/Height: 4590/2100/1260 mm
Wheelbase: 2720 mm
Track front/back: 1690/1630 mm
Kerb weight: 1150 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3,2 s
Maximum speed: 200 km/h
Effective range with electrical drive: 95 km
Complete effective range: 585 km  


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