About us

We believe that the continuous development is one of the main key of the life. This is the reason why our main goal is to give the opportunity of self-development to every member of the MechatroMotive team. This guides us as well as when we meet the young.

It is part of our mission to show the beauty and romanticism of the engineering field, to show its potential and to emphasize the points that can serve as a guidance in the growth of the young. In this spirit, we help the talented new generation: we support many vehicle-builder student teams, like the “Kakukktojás” pneumobile team, the Műszakik Pneumobil Team, the “Paradicsom Csapat” .

Many electrical, mechanical and mechatronical engineering students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics choose the MechatroMotive Ltd. in order to write there their final project or as the place of their internship.

We take part of Institute’s Shadow program, in which high school students can gain an insight into our everyday, can take part of the current projects in spite of to get a realistic view of the profession.

Our CEO, Balázs Varga is a regular guest in universities and high schools to inspire the young to choose engineering as a major, or to run their own business.