Press release summary

In addition to the conference, we are proud to accept the interview requests, so the number of our press releases is constantly expanding. In the following paragraphs, we would like to present the latest articles.


“Every product innovation in them” published an article about us on the site. In this article, you’ll learn how the MechatroMotive was born and become a company that can now be known to our customers. “

If you are interested in the whole article, click on the link below (only available in Hungarian):


On page 17 of the Business Class Magazine, read the “Successful Experiments in Engineering Culture”. Balázs tells me in the interview that MechatroMotive is not only dealing with mechatronic projects. We thought that the investment culture should also change in this direction. 

The following quotation gives a little insight into this: “Startups where hardware is being developed are not so much loved because there is more to the challenge.  As we are active guys, we thought that talking about this was a good thing, but we’d rather do it. We took our own toolbox and founded a joint venture. We have created a grouping where you can find the skills you need. This is ”


In the Vasútgépész magazine a new article entitled “Engine Development” was published thanks to the powerful contribution of MechatroMotive. The article is on page 25 of the magazine.