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The article entitled “Everything Product Innovation” was published on the page. “MechatroMotive is an engineering service company that was launched by pneumobil competitions. Based on the achievements and the performance achieved during the races, one of their teachers has entrusted a part project for the development of the new type of diesel engine of MÁV and Ganz, in which they set up their business. “

In the following paragraphs, we highlight the more detailed details of this article. The full article can be found at Industry 4.0 – All products are innovation

Industry 4.0 – we’re progressing with time

The term refers to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The process of interconnection between information technology and automation and the change of the basic production methods that are emerging as a consequence.

“Today, more and more smart devices take us around, we can call it IoT, industry 4.0, but it’s a fact that we need more and more tools that need to be created and we’ve done a part of our professional life.” – Balázs Varga

Pneumobil competition the frist step for business

“The projects of the pneumobil competitions served as a reference for them. The cooperation between BME, MÁV and Ganz aimed to build a modern, low-emission diesel engine, and this development project needed to deliver individual electronics and software solutions. ”

Everyone needs the same thing

“We started with the development of simple data collection and control devices from five to six years ago, when we saw the similarities, the pattern of the basic basic functions that everyone needs: the handling of electronic devices, outputs and inputs. Everyone needs software solutions: they want to see data, curves to manage users, manage tools, log on, and access the tools from the network – these are the basic requirements for each project. It is almost incidental to what the equipment we are developing is actually what it is. ”

This was the statement that created C.O.R.E PLATFORM. This can be easily adapted to the customer’s needs. The system consists of two main units: a measuring and data collecting system, and PC software.

Investing in the future

“In the past, two new industries have been opened up, which are also based on the backbone of engineering developments: investment and education.”

  • “We work with the Green Fox Academy from 2017. They teach hardware programming and software development. We provide professional materials for them and train new professionals. “
  • “We are not financial investors, we want to invest resources and knowledge in the next generations,” Balázs Varga said.

The full article is available here online:  Ipar 4.0 – Náluk minden termék innováció

The article appeared in the August edition of GyártásTrend Magazine.