Special Award by the Role Model Competition


Balázs Varga got the Evopro Special Award on the tender of Role Model of the Year 2015. The tender with nationwide popularity and one million remunerations was launched in 2013 by the Role Model Foundation. So, it was announced Role Model of The Year third time. Entrepreneurs aged under 40 could participate on the Tender of Role Model who show positive examples to society and young generation by their entrepreneurship and life path.

Miklós Sméja got the Main Award of Role Model of the Year 2015. The CEO of Hosszúlépés. Járunk? Merker Dávid was remunerated by the Audience Award of Role Model.

The CEO of MechatroMotive, Balázs Varga got the Evopro Special Award. Balázs’ detailed introduction is available here.

The initiative was embraced by the evopro Holding Ltd. that is one of the most innovative entreprise in Hungary and engaged in supporting of creation and improvement. As member of the tender evaluation committe, Csaba Mészáros, president and owner of the Evopro Group declaired the following:

„The example of these young people should be more than achieving of their own goals. If we superficially consider the success, it is rather envied by many people. The success means a deep inspiration only if it is associated with the responsible and better doing sense of mission. This is a kind of inner pressure in which the creation and the desire for the giving are flamed. This is the long waited miracle: to pass on the knowledge, to explore the earlier unknown, to reach a new quality. Moreover, to experience all things associated with this: to bear the tiredness, the resignate, to survive the wave of doubts but to preserve the faith in the work.”

More thoughts from Csaba Mészáros concerning the tender are available on the blog of The Tender of Role Model.

The award ceremony and gala night took place in the City Park Ice Rink Ceremonial Hall on 15th January 2016.