We have come to the end of 2017 and, as usual for every company, we look back at the year we have left behind. The list was made without completeness but we tried to gather the most important projects, conferences and press releases. This is 2017 monthly breakdown.

February 2017

  • Our latest partner is Sensit! If you need sensors, feel free to contact us.
  • Driving is our passion! Our partner, Mammuth Works, has completed his 1: 3 remote control car.

March 2017

  • What’s new in RCD Display software!
      • Includes the latest MIN / MAX information window.
      • The MIN / MAX columns can be varied according to our preference.
      • A sebességfüggő minimális olajnyomás-riasztás is bekerült.
  • We were also in CeBIT, Europe’s largest innovation exhibition. We have enriched a lot of experience.

April 2017

  • Novum has visited us! Novum is the magazine for innovation, science and technology on M5.

May 2017

  • MechatroMotive also participated in the IVSZ Conference on Corporate Innovation held on 11 May: Balázs Varga also presented in the “Digital Enterprise – Bimodal” block

September 2017

  • “Every product innovation in them” published an article about us on the gyartastrend.hu site.

October 2017

  • Balázs was invited to the InnoRail conference. His lecture was titled “Upgrade your system with IoT solutions!”
  • Balázs was one of the performers in “Cut It In! Get started!” conference. The title of his lecture “From Idea to Realization, how?”

  • On page 17 of the Business Class Magazine, read the “Successful Experiments in Engineering Culture”.
  • The presentation title was “Requirements for physical realization of hardware prototypes”.

November 2017

  • We celebrated our 6th birthday on November 4th
  • In the Vasútgépész magazine a new article entitled “Engine Development” was published thanks to the powerful contribution of MechatroMotive. The article is on page 25 of the magazine.
  • The STARTUP WOLRD CUP & SUMMIT was held in Prague, where the MechatroMotive team was represented by Kriszti. The goal was to create new partnerships and to get to know market trends and new emerging startups.
  • Balázs represented MechatroMotive in Lisbon at the Web Summit conference, which Guardian only identifies as Glastonbury of cubes.

December 2017

  • Article in the FORBES online version: “What do you need for a startup? A lot of failures and three people : salesman, visionary and reasonable.”

If we look at this article, we think first of all: “WOW”. Then we’ll think, what’s going to be 2018. We hope we will have at least this amount of excitement!