The team

The goal – and the passion – of MechatroMotive’s team is to design and to realize complex mechatronical systems, particularly if the challenges come from the automotive sphere.

The MechatroMotive Ltd. was founded in 2011 by a group of university students that became a close-knit one during several vehicle-building competitions. Now the professional and management knowledge acquired during the years bear fruit.

Due to the enthusiasm and precision, the number of the customers was growing continuously, the number of the team members is about 15.

The company’s profile includes mechanical-, electronical and software development and implementation that is always tailored to the customers’ needs.


Balázs Varga


István Németh


Zsolt Farkas

Project manager

Balázs Bozsik

Technical manager

Krisztina Horicsányi

Business development & project manager

Norbert Komancsik

Senior development engineer

András Takács

Senior software engineer

Anett Simcsik

Finance manager

Dániel Pongrácz

Development engineer

István Macz

Development engineer

András Kalapos

Development engineer

Márton Lőrinczi

Sorfware developer

Máté Lengyel

Software engineer

István Südi

Development engineer